“There are lanscapes and colours, villages, houses and stones.
There are stories of men and women of times gone by.
There are feeling, there is love. These are from the Ebro land”

Artur Gaya- Quico el Célio- defines in these verses the hallmark that identifies our landscape. The landscape of the Ebro land makes us dream about a territory and of its people,
sometimes rough and hard but also sensitive and receptive.

They have managed to find exactly the right balance between the present and the past, between modern and traditional values and between new technology and handcrafted work.
Extra virgin olive oil Fruit Nature is the result of this balance




  rouge olive
  Fruit Nature ahora en las tiendas Veiritas.
  Fruit Nature exportat el 75% de su prouducción.
  Fruit Nature impulsa la certificación automática en Canadá de los productos CCPAE
  Canadá uno de los principales destinatarios de la producción de Fruit Nature.
  We are looking for a USA dealer. FruitNature has the USDA Organic Certification.