I was born surrounded by fields of olive trees. I now work the land and grow them. I can assure you that there isn't a greater pleasure every year than the reward of the first smells of the oil when it is being pressed or when I see the first drops of it on top of a slice of toast and enjoy this delicious oil produced with real loving care.

So, it is for me a real pleasure to present this extra virgin olive oil Fruit Nature which has become the star among our most typical Mediterranean dishes on our tables.

I can assure you that from these lands reflected along the banks of the Ebro, I will carry on the traditions, cultivating these lands, tending the olive trees with dedication and loving care, with pride and commitment, and the rewards of this toil will enable me to offer you the end product; an ecological and organic high quality virgin olive oil that we call Fruit Nature.

Manel Ambrós Ortiz
CEO Fruit Nature