Our oil is unique and has a particular taste, because the cultivation of olive fields is still done by using the same systems, production and elaborate methods that our ancestors used, based mainly on ecologic and organic farming methods .

But, the main reason that makes extra virgin olive oil Fruit Nature a product of superior quality and different to the rest is the careful extraction of the olive juice, out of very early fruit, sacrificing quantity in favour of quality, pressing the olives every day guarantees an oil full of different tastes and flavours. These are the flavours the olives release when they are not yet completely mature.

However, it is not only this fact that makes extra virgin olive oil Fruit Nature so different a product.
The varieties used for its production are “arbequina” and “empeltre”. The last variety mentioned is one of the oldest in Spain, allowing us to achieve the production of an oil full of aromatic connotations that reminds us of almond and green nut flavours. It's very clear and transparent, without any hint of cloudiness. It has a yellowish colour of light-medium intensity. It's easy on the palate, slightly spicy, which makes it unique and exclusive.